Teacher Training Courses

Teacher Training in a wide range of areas

CLIP AdvancEd has a team of highly-qualified educators and educational leaders from different scientific and cultural backgrounds and with a diverse range of professional paths and experiences. 


There are occasional Teacher Training courses being offered that aim at newly qualified or experienced teachers and educational leaders, who wish to develop knowledge and skills in innovative teaching strategies, learning methodologies, which may be applied to a wide range of classroom contexts.



CLIP AdvancEd provides Teacher Training in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Teaching in International Schools
  • Learning and Neurosciences
  • Cooperative Learning 
  • Differentiation Strategies
  • Concept-Based Learning
  • Problem-Based Learning

Although each training course is molded to fit the needs of participants, they are usually designed for groups up to 24 participants, with theoretical and practical modules, including in-classroom observations and on-the-job practice with assigned experienced mentors.

Theoretical modules tend to take place on the weekends, whilst in-classroom observations and on-the-job practice will take place during weekdays, subject to the trainee’s availability.

The main language of instruction and practice is English (with Portuguese also spoken by trainers), thus a good level of comprehension in this language is advised. 


Our Teacher Training courses are certified by DGERT (Direção Geral do Emprego e das Relações do Trabalho).


At the end of a Teacher Training course, trainees will gain further knowledge, skills and practical experience in teaching strategies, learning methodologies and are prepared to apply them and to add value to their own practice and to the schools they work for. 

Tailored Teacher Training Courses

Leveraging on the vast experience and know-how of our team of trainers, we are open to suggestions and proposals for Teacher Training courses that will meet your specific personal and professional needs. The delivery of proposed Teaching Training courses is subject to the trainers’ availability and to number of potential attendants.



If you would like to propose a Teacher Training course, please contact us by e-mail: advanced@clip.pt