Who we are

Taking you to the next level

CLIP AdvancEd provides personalised growth experiences in an innovative and multicultural environment, going beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge and skills.



Through a wide range of services, CLIP AdvancEd supports individuals, companies and schools to take the next steps towards achieving their full potential in the following areas:


  •  Language acquisition and proficiency, for both individuals and organisations
  •  Translation services, for both individuals and organisations
  •  Continuing professional development for teachers and educational leaders
  •  Personalised growth experiences (academic and non-academic) for individuals
  •  Change management and pedagogical innovation support for schools


Responding to the growing needs and to the demand of CLIP’s and other private and corporate clients, the Phoenix Academy (and later CLIP Training Academy) was launched as a department within CLIP – Oporto International School.


After almost two decades of growth and development of an increasing range of services, high reputation and outstanding standards of satisfaction, CLIP Training Academy finally morphed into CLIP AdvancEd.


Our team of experienced professionals come from different professional backgrounds, multicultural environments and is multidisciplinary. Hence, CLIP AdvancEd is able to provide a wide range of personalised services, catered to our clients’ individual and collective needs.



CLIP AdvancEd aims to be a centre of excellence which caters for and supports individuals, companies and schools to take the next steps towards their professional and organisational development and to achieve their full potential, leading the sector in the areas of:

  •  Language Learning
  •  Professional Learning
  •  Teacher Training
  •  Educational Consultancy.


Through the tailoring of each of our services, we aim to provide our clients a personalised growth experience in an innovative and multicultural environment, going beyond the mere acquisition of knowledge and skills.



CLIP AdvancEd believes that individuals and companies must possess key competencies to rise to the challenges of a complex, interdependent, pluralistic and changing world. Through professional and organisational development and growth, these individuals, companies and schools will be creating value, fostering their personal careers and collective performance.


Hence, CLIP AdvancEd’s mission is to provide tailored and enriching experiences to individuals, companies and schools which will allow them to reach their full potential in a new and challenging world.


Meet the Team!



Born in Porto, completed a Licenciatura in Economics at Faculdade de Economia do Porto, finishing at the top 2% of the year. Towards the end of his undergraduate studies, has grown interest in teaching and research. Right after completing the Licenciatura, was hired as an Economics and Business Teaching Assistant by Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics to teach undergraduate students.

After 2 years, decided to move to London and start the PhD in Economics at the University College of London (UCL). After the first year, was an invited Teaching Assistant in UCL and taught two subjects from the Masters Degrees in Economics and Environmental Economics.

Returned to Porto in 2008 and since then is working at CLIP – Oporto International School. Has taught across Middle and Upper Schools, however most of his teaching experience is in Economics (IGCSE and A-Level) and Mathematics (IGCSE and A-Level). Throughout these years has also taken leadership responsibilities: Area Leader for Humanities, Deputy for Curriculum and Deputy for Learning and Innovation.

Since started working at CLIP he has also completed the PGCEi (Post-Graduation in International Education) and the MA. in Education, both at the University of Nottingham.

He strongly believes that education cannot be restricted to exam preparation, he is an advocate for pedagogies that develop 21st century competencies, cooperative learning, concept-based approaches to teaching and learning and, finally but certainly not the least, that learning cannot be dissociated from the student’s wellbeing.



Isabel is passionate about foreign languages and cultures, which has led her to study several languages such as Russian, German, French, Spanish and, of course, English, and their application in the organisational context. Thus, she opted for a degree in the area of business and languages, having later opted for the Master's Degree in Translation and Interpreting.

Isabel worked in various areas such as customer service, commercial management and purchasing, having later embarked on the area of professional training for which she studied Training Management and Pedagogical Coordination in Adult Education.

The combination of academic training, professional experience and knowledge of foreign languages turned out to be a good cocktail for the preparation of the tailor-made courses offered by CLIP AdvancED, especially in areas of service management, finance, HR, purchasing and logistics.

As a certified trainer and e-tutor, she assumes the role of training management and pedagogical coordination at CLIP AdvancEd and the coordination of translation projects.



CLIP AdvancEd's professional training assistant.

She assumed this position after getting her Bachelor's with Honours in Business Enterprise from the University of Birmingham in the UK.

Ana is also a certified trainer and has taken a course on E-tutoring in order to better adapt herself to today's reality.

English has always been a passion of hers and has followed her through her entire life. It motivates her greatly to work in an environment where people are looking to learn and improve their skills in foreign languages, hopping that it will bring them as much joy as it did her.

She’s an organisation freak and has great adaptability skills, which have proven essential in times like these.